»... all about music production«




  • We mark up by outstanding quality, quick operating and reliability

  • Hear finished productions and purchase exclusive and complete songs and beats

  • We are producing your individual single, beat, opener, intro, commercial a.m.m. in
    outstanding quality without long waiting periods

  • With our team we cover a large bandwidth of musicstyles

  • By our know how we can offer efficient operating and unbeatable price performance ratio





»Professional - Individual - Quick«




  • Planning and creation of complete productions and beats

  • Consultation and care as well as individual style, sound and arrangement concept

  • Songs, Jingles, commercials, opener, intros, audiosounds a.m.m.

  • Optimized mastering for the most musicstyles by many years of experience and a pair of trained ears

  • Multitrackmixing of a consisting production incl. sound processing and correction

  • Sounddesign, sound adjusted as you wish

  • Fixed flat rate depending on your requirements without any nasty surprises at the subtotal

  • Vocal recording incl. coaching, processing, timing, effects

  • International commercial speakers for your individual commercial

  • Speakers for openers and intros

  • Professional Songwriter for your beats or songs

  • Contact and support by your following course and to the way to your music label



 »Finished productions for exclusive purchase«


  • Under "beats & Songs" you can find a big assortment of music,
    with the purchase of a single or beat you are the owner of the
    track, we only retain the production shares

  • Extradition possibilities are

    "Multi-Track-Export", "Mixdown inkl. Master", "Mixdown ohne Master"

  • We are supporting you in the following course if you wish and we are supporting you finding a suitable label

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